Lindens Puppies

Beautiful, healthy and affectionate home-bred hybrid puppies

Understanding Hybrid Breeding

Here's a quick starter for understanding hybrid breeding

F1 = first generation puppy

To sum things up:

- 50% purebred A and 50% purebred B

For example, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Bichon Frise cross is first generation.  In this Cavachon cross, hair type can be smooth like a Cavalier, curly like a Bichon or wavy/shaggy, and pups in the same litter can vary. Low moult coat good for allergy sufferers.

Purebred A x Purebred B = F1 Hybrid Dog

F1 x Purebred A = F1b Hybrid Dog

F1 x F1  = F2 Hybrid Dog

F1 x F1b = F2b Hybrid Dog

F2 x F2 = F3 Hybrid Dog

F1b = backcross puppy

- 25% purebred A and 75% purebred B

For example, an F1 Cavachon and Bichon cross; this is a Cavachon bred back to Bichon - the wavy, curly, shaggy-look Bichon is very consistent in coat types. Very low moult coat, good for allergy sufferers.

F2 = second-generation puppy

- F1 hybrid crossed with an F1 hybrid

For example, an F1 Cavachon crossed with an F1 Cavachon. In this combination you get the same percentage of purebred A as purebred B as you would in an F1 hybrid.

F2b = second-generation backcross puppy

- F1 hybrid to a F1b (hybrid backcross)

F3 = F2 hybrid to F2 hybrid

Multi-generation = F3 or higher-generation hybrid crossed with F3 or higher-generation hybrid