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Beautiful, healthy and affectionate home-bred hybrid puppies

Welcome to Lindens Puppies

At Lindens, we are devoted to raising beautiful, healthy, affectionate home-bred puppies and making them available only to responsible dog lovers. We breed CavachonCavapoochon and Goldendoodle puppies.

Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and have the advantage of mixing not only with our Retrievers and Cavachons, but are also very used to our cats, chickens, miniature donkeys and also our miniature Shetland pony called Spud.    We are hobby breeders and have a maximum of three litters a year, as we feel it is important that our bitches are healthy and well-rested between litters, and that we have time to choose the most suitable stud dog.

Available Puppies - 2019

Buying A Lindens Puppy

Miniature Goldendoodle and Cavachon puppies.

At Lindens Puppies, we are careful about who we sell our puppies to.  Since we want to make sure that all of our puppies go to the right homes, we have a lengthy ‘getting to know you’ process: we will ask you lots of questions and expect you to do the same of us!


We pride ourselves in breeding the best, and homing them to the best  - and to date, we are still in touch with all of our chosen families.


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