Lindens Puppies

Beautiful, healthy and affectionate home-bred hybrid puppies

Lindens Home-Bred Hybrid Puppies

Having successfully bred Labradors in the past, we fell in love with hybrids when we were looking for the perfect dog for my elderly father in law.

The Cavachon - the perfect pet

We did a huge amount of research before settling on a Cavachon for Dad.  These superb family dogs are a mix of the popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise.

They have been recognised as the most sought after hybrid in the USA since 1996 and the reasons are clear. Cavachons are the perfect pet as they have wonderful characters, are very loyal, love fuss and attentions and are great with other animals.  The also have a low moult coat which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

The Goldendoodle - wonderful family dog

The Goldendoodle has established itself as a firm favourite in this country as it represents the perfect mid sized family dog. It is a hybrid mix of the Golden Retriever and the Miniature Poodle.

This combination provides for intelligent, affectionate dogs with plenty of energy for a young family.

The Cavapoochon - poodle temperament

In 2013 we bred our first litter of Cavapoochons to introduce a greater variety of coats and colours, with the added advantages of the Poodle temperament and breed health. They have become our most popular ‘breed’ as they look like teddy bears but with a big dog attitude and have gorgeous soft curly coats.

Home-Bred Puppies

All of our puppies are bred from health checked pure bred pedigree parents therefore producing consistently healthy litters. Puppies inherit the best of the breeds with the added advantage of ‘hybrid vigour’ ensuring the best possible chance of a long healthy life

Possible Colours

Red, Apricot, Blenheim, Sable & White, Sable, Black & White, Black, Tri, Black & tan

Colour bleaching

It is quite common for their coats to lighten up as the puppies grow - please see pictures of Boswell & Mimms


Coats can be wavy, curly or thick fleece. They are low moult and ideal for allergy sufferers, however it is impossible to claim that they are “allergy free” dogs as you might see advertised elsewhere.